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Regular Visits

The typical visit usually last 30 minutes.

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We don’t believe people with an appointment should have to wait. Your time is valuable to you, we would prefer to have a patient be on time and then we do our best to provide timely, efficient, and effective care.

Once the patient signs in they are escorted to a private treatment room where they get a chance to talk to the chiropractic assistant. This time is provided for the patient to present any new issues in their wellness lifestyle.

The patient is then placed face down on a specially designed bench called an “adjustment table”. Heat is applied to your back and any additional treatment types will be provided then.
After a brief time to relax, the Chiropractor enters the room and discusses future care and any concerns of the patients. We often use this time to educate the patient on the benefits of Chiropractic and the lasting changes in your life. The Chiropractor often “palpates” or feels the patients back for any changes or “subluxations”. The Chiropractors do not provide adjustments if they are not needed.

The adjustment process is a satisfying procedure because you can feel your body reacting to the Chiropractic Adjustment.Can our unique approach to natural relief and health care help you? Find out.

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