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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is often caused by repetitive motions like typing, texting, or assembly line work, leading to pain and injury over time. Individuals with CTS commonly experience sensations of tingling, numbness or weakness in their fingers or other parts of their hands. What often goes unnoticed is that the root cause of wrist issues may be linked to functional changes in one or more joints, extending from the neck and shoulder down to the elbow and wrist.

The Chiropractic Solution to CTS

Our approach involves gentle chiropractic care targeted at correcting issues with the wrist and elbow, coupled with adjustments to the upper spine for comprehensive care. In addition to receiving our care, we recommend resting your injured arm, applying cold to reduce inflammation, and exercising as you’re able to promote healing. For added support, wearing a splint or brace can help by immobilizing the area where you are experiencing CTS.


woman holding her wrist in pain


Frequently Asked Questions

Can wearing a wrist brace treat my CTS?

Frequently, a brace is recommended to provide support to the wrist and maintain immobilization, offering relief from certain CTS symptoms. However, wearing a brace doesn’t tackle the underlying issue of malfunctioning joints that cause CTS. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, goes beyond managing symptoms and directly addresses the root cause of CTS.

How many visits to a chiropractor will it take to treat CTS?

This will vary based on the severity of your CTS symptoms. You may see results after a single visit, but it may also take several visits to a chiropractor before you start seeing results.

If I’ve had surgery for CTS, will chiropractic care still help?

If you’ve undergone surgery for CTS in the past, chiropractic care may not help. Surgery aims to alter the original design of your body, introducing changes that may alter the way it works. This is why we advocate for individuals with CTS to consider chiropractic care before resorting to surgery.


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